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Verification and Validation

Does your project needs a complete and holistic test strategy? Or do you just need a specialized unit test? Doesn´t matter - AST Engineering as your reliable partner for testing can help you.

Our experienced employees have experiences in several industries and in different roles.

Verification and validation becomes more and more decisive for your project success. Count on reliable partners – choose AST Engineering.

Reference projects

SW Test Management

We support our customer by providing the test management for an integrated electronic brake control, a highly distributed system, containing several sub-products and integration level.

Testing in a safety relevant environment with certification authorities is a crucial part during the development process.

The test management gives the direction in issues like test automation, test strategy or issue tracking.

Coordination of an distributed international test team is also part of the task. Monitoring and controlling test progress is important to keep control over time and budget.

Test Framework

For our customer, an international semiconductor company, we developed a framework for automated tests of mixed signal ICs.

The framework offers an easy to use possibility to develop specific test cases to test power management ICs.

The framework handled test equipment like oscilloscopes, multimeter, current sinks, power meter and other equipment.

The interface to the device under test were flexible to use I2C, JTAG, SVID and others.

Automated pass/fail decision based on predefined criteria is also part of the framework.

HW Verification

In this project we supported our client in the post silicon verification of power management ICs for mobiles. The test management as well as part of the test team was provided by AST Engineering.

Min task for the tester were implementation of and execution test cases. If needed intensive debugging was conducted.

The test management was responsible for Project, test and risk management including monitoring and controlling of the test progress, coordination of the test team and acted as a interface to other departments like quality, HW designer or production test.

Evaluation of IT-Security products

The landscape and market of IT-Security products is confusing and inhomogeneous. To compare products is almost impossible.

For our customer we developed methods and processes to be able to compare test results of different products.

The products were tested in an highly virtual environment which simulates typical enterprise environments.

The tests did not only cover security tests, but also aspects like:

  • How easy can the product be implemented in the existing IT environment.
  • How easy is the handling and maintenance of the product.